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What Type of Dress Looks Best on Your Body Type?

Posted on 14 February 2018

Whether you’re the one who has had prom in mind the minute you entered high school, or the one looking forward to the anti-prom party, you need a dress. Finding the perfect dress is all about knowing which styles will highlighting your best features, hiding the ones you’re not as fond of. It’s all about proportions. By standing straight up and looking at yourself in the mirror, you should be able to get a good look at the outline of your body. If you still aren’t sure of which category below may fit you best, by measuring yourself around the hips, waist, and bust it will be apparent where your curves are and aren’t. There are so many body types, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t fit one of these descriptions to the tee.


Figuring out your body shape can ultimately help you eliminate the time you spend trying on dresses that ultimately won’t be the most flattering.  Read over the most common body types below and see what styles would look best on you. Remember, it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, if you find a dress that you feel confident in, feel free to go for it. It’s all about showing off what you love about yourself!



Size Guide:

Apple: Do you have slimmer legs and carry most of your weight around your middle?

Busty: Do you have narrow hips and a relatively undefined waist?

Hourglass: Do you have a narrow waist and hip and bust measurements that are relatively equal?

Pear: Is the widest part of your body around your hips and thighs?

Petite: Are you around 5’3” with a shorter upper half than lower half?

Slender/rectangular: Are your bust, waist, and hip measurements relatively equal?





  • Your midsection is larger than your hips
  • You’d describe yourself as "top-heavy"
  • You have wide shoulders
  • Your weight is centered around your midsection
  • You have slimmer legs and thighs

Flattering dress styles and features:

  • By drawing the eye away from your midsection you’ll be able to highlight your legs, bust, and shoulders
  • Off the shoulder or plunging neckline (sweetheart or deep v-neck) dresses would showcase your shoulders, neck, and bust
  • Dresses that have empire waists, full skirts, or are asymmetrical will put less emphasis on your midsection
  • Look for dresses with intricate details on your neckline, shoulders, and sleeves


  • Very short dresses
  • A lot of detail on the midsection
  • Thin straps




  • You’d describe yourself as "top-heavy"
  • You have narrow hips

Flattering dress styles and features:

  • Balance your lower half by looking for pieces that highlight but also support your bust
  • If you would like to draw attention up while still maintaining balance, dresses that define your waist would look best
  • Extra fabrics below the waist in long dresses will help maintain proportions
  • Either mermaid/trumpet dresses or those with a-line skirts would look beautiful because of the figure-hugging bodice and flared out bottom


  • Very high necklines



  • Your bust and hips are relatively equal in width
  • You have a defined waist

Flattering dress styles and features:

  • Whatever style you choose, make sure to accentuate your waist
  • Mermaid/trumpet and a-line dresses would flatter your figure the most
  • Look for strapless and v-neck dresses with high necklines that show off your shape  
  • Dresses that have soft fabrics that tend to hug your curves
  • Fitted dresses in a block color


  • Maxi skirts
  • Styles that are oversized will block your natural curves from showing



  • The widest part of your body is around your hips and thighs
  • Your lower body (behind, hips, and thighs) are more noticeable
  • Your shoulders are relatively narrower than your lower body

Flattering dress styles and features:

  • A flattering dress for this figure tends to draw the towards your shoulders and bust and away from your waist
  • Ball gowns or empire waists (fitted waist with a flowy skirst) will disguise your hips and highlight your upper body
  • Dresses with more detail around your bust  (a detailed corset) and shoulders (cap sleeves, off the shoulder, one shoulder)
  • Using a push up bra underneath your dress will create a more proportional look
  • Halternecks that accentuate your neck or deep v-necks that highlight your collarbone are go-tos


  • Entirely fitted dresses
  • Mermaid/trumpet or sheath/column dresses



  • Shorter in stature
  • A short upper half (in respect to your lower half)

Flattering dress styles and features:

  • Petite women should look for dresses that elongate your body, moving the eyes along the length of your dress
  • Dresses in block colors won’t break up your body shape (we’re going for one continuous line!)
  • Dresses with a higher waist (belts are always fashionable) will make your legs look longer and add height to your look
  • Asymmetrical shorter hemlines with a thigh high split can add inches to your legs
  • Fitted dresses are always a great option
  • Make sure to wear heels .


  • Relatively baggy looking dresses (avoid dresses with a lot of extra fabric)
  • Long or full skirts
  • Oversized details and designs



  • Your shoulders and your hips are relatively the same width
  • Your waist is not defined

Flattering dress styles and features:

  • Slender body types should look for dresses that add volume to the top and waistline of your body
  • Empire, a-line, mermaid, and ballgown dresses that hug your hips and bust will give you a more defined waist
  • Details around your bust and shoulders would define your upper body
  • Dresses with belts naturally add curves


  • Straight up and down sheath/column dresses
  • Too much fabric


Hopefully our guide helped start you on your journey to finding the perfect dress! If you have any questions or want to try on any of these styles make sure to visit our Johns Creek and Snellville locations.

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